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Aragon, Spain 

The manor of an old Spanish family, the house and garden were in a sad state when I was asked to redesign the house facades and upper and lower gardens. I made a study of local architectural styles in nearby Huesca and used some of the delightful brick and stone vernacular in the facades and the hard landscaping.

Above is the house and garden as I found them and below is a photograph taken some three years after completion of the  building  and landscape works. I have used low planters with brick copings to soften the effect of the pool and ventilation shaft in front of the house

The house is built on a hill commanding great views and a gazebo seemed appropriate. 

At right is one of my first drawings for the gazebo which looks north to the Pyrenees. I was fortunate to have a client who liked my ideas enough to use them with minimal changes!

A photograph taken of the garden front and upper garden in late summer

The gazebo seen from the lower garden

A garden in Nyon, Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

An interesting Bauhaus design villa built on a steep slope with mature trees and glimpses through the trees of Lac Leman

The cast concrete pillars and paving were made to match the style of the building and I have used low growing evergreens to hide the slightly vertiginous view down the slope from the house

I used white cement in all the cast concrete to blend with the house and contrast with grass and trees


A seaside garden in Minorca, Spain.

Here is the house and land before I began work. I had to complete the house as well as designing the garden as the architect had been fired. On rocky ground close to the sea, the garden posed certain site specific problems, salt resisting plants and sea winds for example.

Here are some photos of the completed garden 


In the photo below are the gates which I designed. The quirky style is close to the vernacular which influenced Gaudi and S Dali

To provide adequate planting and protection I dragged boulders up from the shoreline to form banks, steps and terraces and filled in using many tons of the excellent local soil.

 A 10 acre garden in Surrey England

On a clay seam in the beautiful Surrey countryside the house had been built looking across  land that sloped down to a small stream so my first decision was to divide the property into three terraces, one, by the house formal, one below the house informal and one above the house for a pool and pool house. On the higher ground above the garden a less formal approach was taken to include some Japanese features.

Below is a photo of work in progress. The bulldozers were on site for many weeks establishing the correct levels and afterwards replacing topsoil. After this retaining walls were constructed from local stone 

below is the finished effect. I redesigned the summer house that looks out onto this terrace

On the same level and sheltered by the hedge above at left is the swimming pool enclosure. I like if possible to put swimming pools in their own enclosures for many reasons including security, privacy for swimmers and wind protection. Also nobody wants to see a pool in cold winter weather.

A good example of natural stone paving. I always lay paving to courses although this is expensive.

Good garden steps. I cannot stress too much the importance of good steps and paths. They should be wide and of generous proportions.

A corner of the formal terrace. The yew hedges have reached their optimum height. The seating and tubs are on a raised platform

A new swimming pool and pool house in the south of France

 The brief was for a simple modern design that would suit a young family. The terrace for the pool was created so that it could not be seen from the house: A pool is a sad sight in winter so I prefer pools to be unseen during these months. Placing a pool at some distance from the house also enables it to be used by young people for parties without disturbing the parents.

The pool is heated by solar panels concealed in the flat roof of the pool house.

The pool and pool house are positioned above the house on a new terrace creating a separate area in this large garden with its mature trees

A garden design including a Swimming pool, spa and poolhouse, a new entrance and several new features in a small town on the coastal plane in Languedoc

Aidan Webster, SfL's Moroccan manager

Below is Jasper Conran's garden in Suffolk. Aidan Webster was involved in the layout and planting of this celebrated garden. 

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